Review All U.S. Cyber Defenses and Vulnerabilities

Current Status: In Progress

As of

"Order an immediate review of all U.S. cyber defenses and vulnerabilities, including critical infrastructure, by a Cyber Review Team of individuals from the military, law enforcement, and the private sector.

  • The Cyber Review Team will provide specific recommendations for safeguarding different entities with the best defense technologies tailored to the likely threats, and will followed up regularly at various Federal agencies and departments.
  • The Cyber Review Team will establish detailed protocols and mandatory cyber awareness training for all government employees while remaining current on evolving methods of cyber-attack."

- Trump policy statement

"Whether it is our government, organizations, associations or businesses we need to aggressively combat and stop cyberattacks. I will appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office."
- Donald Trump statement at the conclusion of the meeting with Intelligence Community leaders, January 2017

As of 94 days in office, no cyber security team had been formed, but in May 2017, Trump issued an executive order directing a review of Federal networks and critical infrastructure.