Protect Domestic Agriculture

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"As President, he will fight for American farmers and their families. Mr. Trump knows that American farmers are the best in the world at growing the food and other products that people need to flourish. He knows that growing our Ag sector and supporting our nation’s farmers and ranchers are absolutely critical to making America great again.... All segments of the agriculture industry will have a say in the development of any legislation or rule making done or supported by the executive branch." 
- Statement from Trump's Agriculture Team, November 2016

"As president, I will be an aggressive proponent for defending the economic interests of American workers and farmers on the world stage. I will fight against unfair trade deals and foreign trade practices that disadvantage the United States. I strongly oppose TPP as drafted and will work hard to develop trade agreements that are in the national interest and benefit American workers, including our farmers." 
- Trump response to Penton Agriculture survey of presidential candidates

Trump's claim to support "all segments of the agriculture industry" will prove difficult for him to prove.  Donald Trump’s only stated positions on farming put him directly in the pocket of Big Ag—as Tim Carney puts it over at the Washington Examiner, “he confuses pro-business corporatism with pro-market free enterprise.... His full-throated support for the ethanol mandate puts no room between him and Hillary, who has never met a corporate handout she didn’t like.”

An early test of Trump's resolve to protect American agriculture came in the form of a proposal to bring back Country-of-Origin Labelling (a.k.a. COOL) as part of the NAFTA renegotiation. Trump's agriculture team, which is staffed by many heavyweights in corporate agriculture, swiftly removed the proposal from the policy statement. It remains to be seen how the Trump administration balances the interests of major multinational conglomerates and smaller farms.