Eliminate National Debt in 8 Years

Current Status: Faltering

As of

"We’ve got to get rid of the $19 trillion in debt....  I would say over a period of eight years.... The power is trade. Our deals are so bad."

- Donald Trump interview with Bob Woodward, April 2016

With over a year in office and both houses of Congress at his disposal, not only has the national debt not abated but it continues to shoot upwards, so far by more than a Trillion dollars during 2017.  The true impact of the 2017 Republican tax plan - endorsed and signed by Trump - have yet to be felt, but the policy is expected to increase the debt by a further $1.4 Trillion over a decade. Additionally, overtures towards "trade wars" over tariffs in early 2018 do not bode well for recovering on the debt.

(2019 update)

As of June 2019, the national debt topped $22.023 Trillion, continuing an upward trend that has persisted across the entire span of Trump's first term thus far. Additionally, chaotic trade policies, a trade war with China & other countries, and tepid revenue due to the Republican tax cuts of 2017 contribute to CBO predictions of an annual deficit of 4.9% per year after 2020. In plain terms, that means that the debt will continue to climb for the foreseeable future owing continued deficits.

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