Conditionally Revert Diplomatic Relations With Cuba

Current Status: Compromise

As of

"All of the concessions that Barack Obama has granted the Castro Regime were done through executive order, which means the next president can reverse them –- and that is what I will do, unless the Castro Regime meets our demands [for more religious and political freedom]."
- Trump speech in Miami, FL, September 2016

This is a reversal on previous remarks he's made on Cuba. In September 2015 he said that he was “fine” with “the concept of opening with Cuba.”

In June 2017, Trump reversed some of the Obama-era actions, citing the need for open elections and release of political prisoners. The reversal fell far short of a full return to the previous status, retaining, for instance, freedom to travel to the island nation, continued diplomatic ties, and certain economic allowances.

Given that these actions do not constitute a full reversal of the ties created under Obama, we consider this a compromise.

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