Cancel Payments to U.N. Climate Change Programs

Current Status: Waiting

As of

"I will begin taking the following seven actions to protect American workers:
SEVENTH, cancel billions in payments to U.N. climate change programs and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure."

- "Donald Trump's Contract With The American Voter," October 2016

The pledge appears to apply to money committed by the Obama administration to the Green Climate Fund, created to help poor countries control their greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

However, numbers provided by the Trump campaign indicate that the estimate of $100 billion includes $50 billion, or what it estimated the Obama administration has spent on programs related to climate change. The cuts would then not only affect climate related spending, but also spending on technology development and deployment being done by the Department of Energy, implying that R&D and investment credits for renewable energy will be cut. House Republicans have been eager to cut funding for renewables in the past, so it is likely that Trump's plan will have momentum.  Some have expressed that solar and wind energy will have enough momentum to survive the loss of Federal funding.

As of 21 January, 2017, after a full 24 hours in office, this promise has not been addressed.