Allow Legal Immigration Based on Merit

Current Status: In Progress

As of

"I want people to come in. I want tremendous numbers of people to come in... And we’re going to have that big, beautiful door in the wall. But you know what? They have to come in through a process. They have to come in legally." 

"And we’ll have merit involved, too. Wouldn’t it be nice if we went a little bit on the merit system? We take people that are really going to help us to grow our country?" 

- Donald Trump speech, Florida, November 2016

Trump spoke before Congress in February 2017 and called for a merit-based system, doubling down on his campaign promise but lacking in specifics.

In August 2017, Trump announced his support for the RAISE Act, introduced by Republicans in Congress in February. The Act would institute a points-based system while reducing the number of immigrants admitted over ten year's time.

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